Cold Plastic Paint (2-component)

sarmac extends its high-performance road paints with this MMA (methyl methacrylate) compound (98:2) plastic material for top durability & adhesion to bituminous and concrete pavements. Solvent-free and quick drying, with the ability to mix with glass beads and apply to high thicknesses,, it is the go-to solution when high-resistance and longevity are the target.

Manufactured solely by sarmac in Egypt & Mena region, this paint complies with the European standard EN 1871 and the Spanish standard UNE 135200-2.


Cold Paints (Alkyd & Acrylic)

sarmac extends its product line with eco-friendly, fast-drying Alkyd & Acrylic cold paints:

Specially formulated rubber and Alkyd resin blends offer durability and high build-up resistance for roads, runways, parking lots, crosswalks and airports,, while solvent-based Alkyd resins offer high-quality, fast drying features on asphalt and concrete.

We also provide solvent-based Acrylic paints for road curbs & sidewalks on all new or old surfaces such as cement surfaces,, while water-based Acrylic paints are perfect for eco-friendly, high resistance to rain falls on any road.


High Durability
Easy Application
Fast Drying
Water Resistant
Technical Data Sheets
Specifications & Standards Compliance
Cold Plastic Two-component Road Marking Data Sheet

Road Curb Paint Data Sheet

Alkyd Solvent-based Paint. AASHTO M248, Type F Standard

Acrylic Solvent-based Paint. EN 1871 Standard

Alkyd Solvent-based Paint. EN 1871 Standard

Acrylic Water-based Traffic Road Marking Paint. Federal Specification TTP-1952E


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